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  the prince of egypt 

The DreamWorks presentation The Prince of Egypt  on December 18, 1998. I meant to get a preliminary review out before the  was showing in theaters. However, I'm glad I waited to write this review until after I had seen the . The first information I read on the was very favorable. The Focus on the Family Review was very positive, as was  Spotlight on the Review. However, I was a little disappointed after reading the storybooks that were available before the  was released. There were two: the one that comes with The Prince of Egypt  Ticket Exclusive Gift Package (which can be purchased at Sam's or Wal-Mart) and another entitled The Prince of Egypt, as told by Jane big el-khawankey or the old khawankey. The storybooks took some liberties from both the Biblical account and the DreamWorks account and were not quiet as good as the live.



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Love of allah in the human heart

Love in any place and time is something of a holy God, the Merciful, so to say the word "love of God" have no meaning at all.... Love always holy but thought Sly says:
"We know what love is, but we do not know what is the love of God Mount High" ...
But in truth we do not even know what love is.... Its more unknowns we have..!

Yes, there is much talk and festivals and philosophies about love    but we have not his coffin so far, and this is a trick of thought ... We talk too much about it that we can not a living.
Literature, music, poetry, dance ... Everything is linked to love and is going on ... If love really exists as we talked about this obsession, we speak about the intense love to show us that love does not exist now.
Talk about things lost is simply irreplaceable ... Words, art, language and symbols, create the illusion that the missing exist.


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